Assisted travel for elders in Chennai & suburbs

When friends and family are not available, you can rely on Rent-a-Commute to ensure a commute that gives peace of mind.

Typical commutes

Medical and Dental appointments

Pickup & drop for healthcare consultations for medical and dental needs.

Tests at a lab or hospital

Useful for patients undergoing diagnostic tests in a lab or hospital settings.

Doctor’s appointments

Help you attend appointments with doctors for medical care and consultations.

Visit to physiotherapy rehab clinic

Useful for people undergoing rehabilitation at a physiotherapy clinic.

Visit to meet friends & relatives

Helps you spend quality time with friends and family members.

Leisure travel

Embarking on leisurely trips, whether to the beach or a music concert.

Other Services

Coming home after a hospital stay

Our transport service facilitates returning home following a short hospitalization.

Getting back after a trip overseas

Coming back home from the airport after an international journey.

Grocery and other shopping

Engage in essential shopping, including groceries without a worry. 

Visits with friends and relatives

Our service helps you connect with loved ones through visits.

Community activities

Participating in community-based activities without worry about transport.

Eating out

We help you enjoy dining experiences outside the home.

Why Choose Us?

Our extraordinary senior travel assistance services

We provide exceptional care and safety during your or your elderly loved one’s travels within Chennai. For example, you’re on a doctor’s visit, attending a function, or simply visiting family or friends, we strive to make your commute as comfortable as possible, with qualified drivers to accommodate your assistive needs.


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