A visit to the park-Rukmani

As narrated by Mrs. Rukmani - West mambalam

A crippling stroke had turned the life of Mr. R topsy turvy. For a person passionate about visits to the beach or the park, a stroke changed everything and confined him to the surroundings of his own house. Impaired mobility meant very limited movement and absolutely no opportunity to the loved outdoors.

Rent-a-Commute Shows the Way

Mrs. R on learning about Rent-a-Commute realised that a long felt need to take her husband away from the confines of house walls was now possible. A date was arranged.

Rent-a-Commute crew went to the house at the appointed time and with care & patience transferred him to the van for a trip to the park and not to the hospital. Mr. R relished his outing spending time in the park taking in the sights and sounds of children playing and people of all ages & group going for walk sitting around the park. After spending a good time he was carefully transported back home. A small trip that made a world of difference both to the person afflicted as well the care giver.

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